Empowering learners at the point of greatest impact  

In the business space, new economies of production are allowing us to move from mass commodity to ultra-personalization. Yet, in the world of learning, we exist in the shadow of the MOOC, where success is defined by how many thousand learners we push through a pipeline of content transfer.

 What shape should learning material have in an ecosystem where an individual’s success is less about functioning as a generic cog in a grand business machine and more about the unique skills and experiences they bring to the table? As we move away from one-size-fits-all approaches and toward a truly learner-centric experience, engagement is necessarily about empowerment. 

The challenge is to create a learning experience that is both highly differentiated and deeply integrated.

As a supplement or even an alternative to engaging learners in online courses, Gnaritas empowers learners where, and as, they work and perform —  learning by doing while doing. Instead of creating a separate destination for learning, educational experiences can be embedded directly in the context of online activity. 

Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and many more — all have the ability for delivering 3rd-party content to enable genuine just-in-time learning support.

“Learning in the flow of work” is certainly not new to the zeitgeist of learning, since Josh Bersin coined the phrase in 2018. Still, it seems primarily targeted towards closed-system enterprise HR engagements. There is no reason that these contextually relevant, bite-sized learning experiences cannot be delivered in broader contexts as well.

With the increased importance of hybrid work environments, there is both an increased need and an increased opportunity to provide these just-in-time learning activities within the online environments in which people find themselves.  

Gnaritas is looking for thought leaders, teachers, coaches, and guides for whom these ideas resonate, to work with on the creation of embedded supports — either as standalone offerings or as complementary services to support more traditional online learning courses and communities.  If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

Image by Vectorportal.com, CC BY